Course curriculum

Learn how to effectively plan your online course.

  • 1

    Create: Develop Your Online Course

    • Software to create your course content

    • Create from your Course Outline

    • Tips to record video

    • Video Activity

    • Why bother editing your videos?

    • Edit your Video: Part 1 Preparing to Record

    • Edit your Video: Part 2 Editing Tips

    • Activity: Edit your video

    • Write complimentary text

    • Create course assets

    • Activity: Create your Content

    • Review your Course Requirements

    • Implement tools to drive engagement and collaboration

  • 2

    Create: Upload Content to Course Platform

    • How to start to upload your videos to your platform

    • Explore different sections of your platform

    • Identify different lesson types

    • How to upload videos to your platform

    • Upload a presentation to your platform

    • Create Quizzes in Thinkific

    • Use Audio lessons in Thinkific

    • Setup Thinkific Courses to be Ready to Sell

    • Update/Create your Thinkific Website and Course Pages

    • Bonus: Record your Videos with OBS (Demonstration)

    • Test the Student Journey