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13+ years in Learning & Development launching courses for organisations and curriculums for educational institutions

Finally launch your online course by holistically working on the 3 cogwheels of course creation:

Design | Create | Launch

When one cogwheel stops,
they all stop!

Learn how to launch your course using agile project method techniques.

Integrate 3 cogwheels of course design

Design | Create | Launch
When one fails they all fail
  • Understand where to start with your online course creation

  • Learn how to create courses in smaller chunks reducing overwhelm

  • Stop putting off your online course for fear of no-one signing up at the end

  • Be part of an intimate beta group and receive hands on course creation support

  • Finally launch your online course to make a return on investment

  • Use the same process for your future courses

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Bonus material

  • Trello Board

    Gain access to a Trello Board with all tasks needed to design, create and launch your online course

  • One on One Sessions

    To improve the service, one on one sessions will be provided to learn from you and provide you individual feedback

  • Learn from Peers

    Learn from your peers in an intimate beta group to gain feedback on your courses

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the Launch your Online Course with Confidence

    • Set your intentions for this course

    • Downloadable Resources for the course

  • 2

    Design: Is a Course Plan Required?

    • Is a Course Plan Required?

    • Are there benefits to a course plan?

    • Course Outline VS Course Plan

  • 3

    Design: Create a Structured Course Plan (Part 1)

  • 4

    Design: Create a Structured Course Plan (Part 2)

    • Create a Course Goal

    • One Course Goal

    • Intermission!

    • Write Learning Outcomes

    • Write Competencies

    • Tips to Create a Successful Learning Journey

    • Live Group Session: Thursday 23 September 10am ET

  • 5

    Design: Map lessons to your course plan

    • Different Content Types

    • What, Why, When with Content Types

    • Preference VS Requirement

    • Choose the Content Types

    • Test your Knowledge

    • Create a list of content types

    • How to Select Content Types

    • Pilot your Online Course

  • 6

    Design: Course Content Outline

    • Map content types to course plan

    • Fill the gaps

    • Prepare to record your videos

  • 7

    Create: Develop Course Content

    • Software to create your course content

    • Create from your Course Outline

    • Tips to record video

    • Video Activity

    • Why bother editing your videos?

    • Edit your Video: Part 1 Preparing to Record

    • Edit your Video: Part 2 Editing Tips

    • Activity: Edit your video

    • Write complimentary text

    • Create course assets

    • Activity: Create your Content

    • Review your Course Requirements

    • Implement tools to drive engagement and collaboration

  • 8

    Create: Upload Content to Course Platform

    • How to start to upload your videos to your platform

    • Explore different sections of your platform

    • Identify different lesson types

    • How to upload videos to your platform

    • Upload a presentation to your platform

    • Create Quizzes in Thinkific

    • Use Audio lessons in Thinkific

    • Setup Thinkific Courses to be Ready to Sell

    • Update/Create your Thinkific Website and Course Pages

    • Bonus: Record your Videos with OBS (Demonstration)

    • Test the Student Journey

  • 9

    Launch: Collect Feedback

    • Pilot VS Beta

    • Collect Feedback

    • Pilot OR Beta

    • When is a pilot valid

  • 10

    Launch: Run a Beta Test

    • Identify how your beta course is offered

    • Where to find beta testers

    • What to prepare for your beta testers

    • Collaborate with students to collect feedback

    • Modify furture versions with feedback

  • 11

    Launch: Create Landing Pages and Marketing Material

    • Course Feedback

    • Course Feedback Survey

    • Requirements of a Landing Page

    • Landing Page Tasks

    • Landing Page Demonstration

    • Explore a Landing Page

    • Write Email Marketing

    • Design your Landing Page Tasks

    • 3 Techniques to Launch an Online Course

    • Email Marketing Tasks

  • 12

    Thank YOU!

    • Congratulations and a huge Thank YOU!

    • LinkedIn Review

    • Want to continue to work together?